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Where can I buy Melanotan?

The huge popularity of Melanotan (2) and similar peptides has brought about a big (black) market. Almost all factories that produce melanotan and relating peptides are located in China. It is legal to possess Melanotan in most countries but it is likely any suppliers from within the western European / American countries will not hold a valid product license, which is illegal trading in the eyes of the law. To produce and sell melanotan in China is NOT illegal. Buying from the Chinese factories is also not illegal. But be careful if you buy a large quantity because authorities in Europe/USA could think you are trading melanotan which is illegal again.

There are plenty of sources to be found on the internet where you can purchase  melanotan / melanotan 2 / afamelanotide / bremelanotide /or relating peptides. You can do a Google search and plenty of adds will pop up with suppliers and even factories that directly will sell you melanotan and relating peptides. Most resellers on the internet that you will find will buy their peptides from a Chinese based factory (for example GLS china, ChinaTech Peptide China, RDchemicals china). The costs to buy peptides from Chinese factories are much lower compared to peptide laboratories in other countries. There are a few big factories / labs in China that produce and sell the peptides directly to their customers. You can find these factories by doing a Google search. Ask these factories for their HACCP, GMP and other certificates.

It is advised that you do NOT BUY melanotan PEPTIDES that are diluted with a filler like for example mannitol. When you place your order ask and demand a purity of at least 99.6%. It is speculated that the fillers can have unwanted side effects like for example a blurred vision.

Always ask for an express shipment of your order.

Important: Articles found on this website are meant for informational purposes only. We do not condone or advise the use of melanotan or melanotan 2. If you want to use melanotan we strongly advise you to consult your doctor.




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