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Administrate Melanotan and Melanotan II

Melanotan and Melanotan 2 are supplied as powders and are vacuum packed in small glass vials. Before injection you need to mix the peptides with bacteriostatic water. The Melanotan and Melanotan 2 powders are best stored in a freezer due to slow degradation at room temperature. MT2 and MT1 are often shipped with express shipment together with ice packs so that the degradation process will not take place during shipment. The process of degradation is slow, so if your Melanotan peptide did not get shipped together with ice packs it will make your batch only slightly less effective as long as the exposure to the higher temperature has not exceeded to many days. When you place a melanotan order always ask for an express shipment!

Mixing melanotan (2) with bacteriostatic water prior to injection; To achieve a concentration of 10mg per 10ml, use 10ml of water in a 10mg vial of melanotan powder. From this we can have a concentration level of 0.25mg per 0.25ml. This should be enough mixture to precisely draw up exactly 0.25ml melanotan using a 1ml marked syringe. Of course you can choose your own concentration level using a similar process. Store the solution filled vial in the fridge ready for the next injection.

The dosages required of MT1 are larger then that are required of Melanotan II. A daily dose of 2-3mg of MT1 will give optimal results, and a daily dosage of 1mg of MT II will give the same tanning results. To limit "the not wanted" side effects it is better to start the dosages at a level of 1-1.5mg for Melanotan 1 and at 0.25mg-0.5mg for Melanotan II, and build up your dosages by 0.25mg each day until the target dosage is reached (or until you are satisfied with the results!).

The injection should be done into the subcutaneous layer.

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